The following is a guide written by my eight-year-old son, Nathan. He hopes Minecraft Dungeons players find it useful!

To kill the Heart, you’ll need a Harp Crossbow, a Fire Arrow Artifact, and a Firework Arrow Artifact. So, you know those short pillars in the corners of the platform? Hide behind one of the bottom pillars, and shoot at the Heart with the fireworks when you have the chance. I recommend hiding behind the bottom right pillar, but the other one works too. Just be careful if the Heart’s minions spawn there, or you’ll be greeted with a “You Died” screen and one life fewer.

If you hide there, you’ll be practically UNHITTABLE! Just be cautious on higher difficulties. The fireworks do a TON of damage. Especially if all seven of them hit and you’re using the harp crossbow with multishot-only ability. 

Now, this is risky, but if you yeet yourself off of the edge with a roll and kill yourself, you won’t have to worry about the pesky cooldown. ONLY DO THIS ONCE though, or you’ll have to start again and note that you may prefer to keep your respawn for the actual battle. 

The fire arrows work on it too! BURN THE BEAST alive for EXTREME damage. Be careful with the placement of your character though and run away back into an invincibility corner quickly. I recommend high heath armor too, or you might wind up dead. This is even more OP when you have two players. 

Launching the rockets toward the center with two players is insane. This method can also help a lot when you need some good loot. When you kill the Heart, you’ll be greeted with an insane Unique item–possibly a Diamond Sword if you are lucky. Swords don’t even drop on the mission! I have found loot that’s not in the loot table, such as an Axeblade. Axes don’t drop on the mission either, and the thing isn’t in the loot table. Claymores, however, ARE In the loot table. Use that item and get more stuff until you can’t hold anything else!

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