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Bleeding Edge review: button-mashers need not apply

Coming from the same studio that gave us Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, it may come as a surprise to first witness Bleeding Edge. Ninja Theory’s 4v4 arena brawler is colorful, brash, and exaggerated. It’s everything Hellblade is not.

Well, almost everything.

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Children of Morta Review: A dungeon crawler’s dream

Children of Morta is a difficult but satisfying dungeon crawler best played when you make it a family affair like the titular clan themselves.

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MageQuit is an awesome party game that deserves to be an esport

MageQuit is one of the year’s best party games, but it’s so good that it has the potential to go beyond that and become a popular esport.

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Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son Review: Worth your time(loop)

No one expected a Groundhog Day sequel, but virtual reality is weird enough to deliver one anyway. Fans of the movie should check it out.

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KFC made a video game because they want you to forget how terrible they are

KFC made a video game. It’s terrible. What’s worse, though, is literally everything else about KFC. Don’t let them off the hook.

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15 family-friendly games we loved at PAX West 2019

We went hands-on with 15 games at PAX West that make a comfy fit here on Game Together. Click through to get some more family and co-op games on your radar.

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Wreckfest Review: A smashing good time

As a racing game, it would be pretty good. But as a racing game with one of the coolest and most detailed damage models I’ve ever seen, Wreckfest is transformed from destruction derby fodder to king of the hill. It’s got to be the best racing game of 2019.